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Made to Measure Senses Roller blinds by Harmony Blinds North London

What is a Senses roller?

A senses roller is similar to a regular roller blind, with the addition of a fabric covered, fully integrated fascia.

Make it safe, make it Senses.

The Senses ‘Slow-rise’ has been designed to fully address concerns over safety. It completely eliminates looped cords and chains from the design, making it a perfect choice if you have children.

One touch operation.

Senses ‘slow-rise’ mimics beautifully the features of a remote control blind – without all the gadgetry. It can be set so all of the blinds in your home rise and stop at the same level every time in just one touch and even control the speed in which they glide into place!

Make it yours.

Senses Rollers are available in a huge variety of fabrics and colours, and with a co-ordinated fascia you complete a unique and luxurious look. Finish your stylish blind with a choice of chrome, gold, brushed steel or black end caps. You can even consider adding more accessories such as, eyelets, braids or even a shaped scallop, making your Senses roller blind, yours.

senses key points

Here you can see exactly what the Senses system looks like. The pelmet at the top can be covered in any coloured fabric, and is finished of with chrome, gold, steel or black end caps. The bottom bar is given the same end caps and the blinds is operated by pulling one of our many stylish finials. This eliminiates the need for control chain, making the Senses system completely child-safe.

Customise your senses roller blind with pulls and poles.


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